Announcing: Mallet Technique Class!

I’m very pleased to present the latest in Jekesa Studio’s “Skill Development” classes. (These are classes meant to suppliment your regular classes or lessons, by addressing specific skills that all good players must develop.)

I’m talking about Mallet Technique, the class where we focus with laserlike precision on what you can do physically to play faster, better, and more easily. We’ll cover a variety of exercises to improve every facet of your physical technique, i.e. the way you hit the marimba. The class is designed to build good habits over time, and includes a mix of new content and guided practice time.

The other major goal of Mallet Technique class is to develop a vocabulary of sticking patterns that come up in various songs. This will help you learn new songs more quickly, and improvise your own variations and melodies. On marimba, your improv ability equals your imagination divided by your technical limitations. When you remove the limitations, you can play more and more of what you can imagine!

Check out the “Classes” page for the full schedule and class list. Ndatenda!


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