Currently Offered: Summer 2018

Below are this season’s offerings. Classes are open to students of all ages; if you are registering for a child please include their age when you inquire at You may also call 505-795-6005 for more info!


Intro Marimba

Ideal for complete beginners; no music experience necessary! A low-pressure environment where students can have fun trying out a new instrument and a new style of music.

Time: Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 am

Cost: $15 per week, paid monthly


Beginning-Intermediate Marimba

Intended for students who have some experience, but are still developing their foundations. Introduces slightly more challenging concepts, such as rolling/”running” lines, interlocking rhythms, and playing variations.

Time: Wednesday 4:30 – 5:30 pm

Cost: $15 per week, paid monthly


Intermediate-Advanced Marimba

Perfect for students who have progressed beyond the basics, have some performance experience, and are interested in learning the more complex styles of traditional Shona mbira and vocal music.

Time: Saturday 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Cost: $25 per week, paid monthly


Individual Lessons

In addition to group classes, private lessons are also available. Lessons can be a great supplement to playing in a class or band, or stand alone as your main way of learning. Lessons can be scheduled at your leisure, and are available on the following instruments:

Marimba, hosho, nhare mbira (mbira dzavadzimu), matepe, karimba (nyunga nyunga), and gumboot dance.

Price: $40 per hour

Times: call 505-795-6005 to schedule a lesson!


Past/Future Class Offerings

Below is a list of classes that aren’t currently available, but that may be taught again if scheduling and interest levels permit. If you want to take any of them, let me know and that class might get moved higher in the priority list!


Mallet Technique

This class is geared at students of any level who want to make sure their playing technique is the best it can be. If you’ve ever felt like you can’t play fast enough, your hands or arms are hurting, or you get tired too easily while playing, this class will help you fix all that! Technique on marimba isn’t as complicated as, say, a violin, but it still takes dedicated practice. It’ll make a huge difference for your playing!

Class length: 45 minutes

Cost: $12 per week, paid weekly


F.A.R. Series (Fundamentals of African Rhythm

F.A.R. is a comprehensive curriculum designed to help Westerners understand and play the complex polyrhythms, cross-rhythms, and dance beats found in many types of African music. Each segment lasts 8 weeks, and focuses on particular types of rhythms and concepts. It ranges from simple rhythms that you hear on the radio every day, to extremely advanced techniques used in high-level solo drumming and instrumental playing. Some courses also include singing, dancing, and other cultural content. Inquire below for more information.


How to Register:

To register, just get in touch by phone or email below. All new students are required to prepay for their first month of class. Inquire below to find out how soon you can jump in!


Thank you!