Jeff Brahe

Jeff started playing Zimbabwean music in 1997 at age ten. In 2010, he graduated from the U. of Puget Sound with a B.A. in Music, focusing on composition and bass clarinet. Over the years, he has learned from many of North America’s top marimba and mbira players, as well as numerous Zimbabwean masters.

Jeff bio


Jeff’s teaching experience has included classes, lessons, and workshops with all age groups. In addition to his work at Jekesa Studio, Jeff currently directs Immanuel Presbyterian Church’s marimba ensembles. He also directs The Ande Marimba Band during touring season, and co-directs Jekesa Marimba with his friend Mandla Kaunda.

Jeff has been featured as teacher, guest lecturer, or artist in residence at the following institutions:

The Zimbabwean Music Festival, Camp Nuandu, University of Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran University, Pierce College, Explore Music Project Museum, SWPS’s World Rhythm Festival, ATC High School, Grant CEA, St. Marks’ Lutheran Church, Creator Lutheran Church, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, and private marimba studios from Santa Fe to Anchorage and beyond!

Check out some of his other projects at these links:

The Ande Marimba Band on Youtube

Upcoming Album with Chris Berry!

The Ande Marimba Band on Facebook

Jekesa Marimba – Local band in Tacoma


Above: The Ande Marimba Band performing at Zimfest 2013


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