New Classes for a New Year!

Welcome to 2017! Hopefully this year will bring a breath of fresh air and some positive changes.

Here at Jekesa Studio, Winter classes are starting next weekend, and I’m excited to announce some new offerings this season.

FAR, or Fundamentals of African Rhythm, is a comprehensive system designed to help you understand and play difficult rhythms at a high level. FAR was developed by my teacher Chris Berry, and has already helped students across the country achieve amazing improvements. This winter I will be offering 8 weeks of introduction to FAR, start January 14th/15th weekend. This course will form the foundation on which later FAR classes in spring and summer will build.

In addition to new classes, Beginning and Intermediate Marimba classes will continue from where we left off this fall. Space is limited, but there is still some room in the beginning class.

Some of the other classes are already full, so don’t miss your chance to register! For details, visit the Classes page:


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